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Pole mounted

Two views of Cathedral Square: Looking east on East Jefferson (top), and southeast (bottom). Photos taken 31 March 2003.

East Jefferson and Montgomery streets

Not so long ago, most signals in downtown Syracuse were mounted on poles. Those signals were installed around 1945, and were originally painted yellow. In the 1950s, they were repainted green, and more or less ruled downtown.

But times started to change in 1980, when new spanwire signals were installed at Clinton Square. From that time up to the present, the old pole-mounted signals were replaced by new yellow signals mounted on wires or tubular masts.

The last ones downtown were located here. In 1998, a large tubular mast was supposed to be installed here, by the Catholic cathedral; however, it was decided to replace the old pole-mounted units with new ones that have the 12-8-8 combination (large red light). These signals began operation around December 1998.