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Last of the ancients

Court and Loma
This intersection has what may be the last intersection in the city where the primary signal is an Art Deco unit. In 1980, the poles were yellow, as were the signals that were attached there. They were repainted green some time after, but then, one of the signal heads (the one on the right) was replaced with a yellow signal head. It means that, of any signal installation that dates prior to 1960, there is none that is intact. But this comes close. This installation gives one a feeling of what motorists in 195o or 1960 lived with on a day-by-day basis, back when one read The Post-Standard in the morning and the Herald-Journal at night, when one could watch Salty Sam or the Children’s Toy Workshop on television, or go shopping downtown!

Oh my!

We’d better quit while we’re ahead. All photos taken 1 June 2002.

This 4-way bracketed Art Deco signal is actually the very last one remaining in the City of Syracuse. These signal heads have been replaced—parsed (?)—because mechanical parts have been scarcer. Syracuse is also using primarily using 12-inch lenses for its new signals.

A closeup of the remaining post-mounted Art Deco signal. The yellow paint is peeking through the coat of green paint.


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