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This may be the Cutest Intersection

Cadillac and Wadsworth streets, the North Side

The primary signal may be a Crouse-Hinds unit built between 1967 and 1983 (most likely it dates from the 1970s), but the delightful neighborhood setting (which includes a ballpark) and the two yellow Art Deco signals mounted on the pole make this a Most Cute Intersection.

Even the street sign is cool; it uses the Blue Highway/Interstate font, which Syracuse used for its street signs in the 197os. This signal installation is typical of the unassuming workhorse units Syracuse has used on a daily basis since the 1930s, and still does even in 2002, in another century, in another millenium.


Detailed views of the Art Deco signal units. Note the single-unit visor/door arrangement. This is clearly an older Art Deco signal head. The intersection also uses an old signal controller box, seen in the right photo above (which some idiot spraypainted!).

More closeups of the signal head and the control box. All photos taken 1 June 2002.