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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes …


3 March 2004

It had to happen.

Times do change, and they have in more ways than one. The Art Deco signal is no more, replaced by a modern 4-way bracketed signal and two single signals that face traffic on Court Street.

And another change took place within Syracuse in the past year or so: LEDs. Syracuse has not had any major new signal installations of late, but signals have been retrofitted with these new lenses, in order to save operating costs and to improve visibility. Unlike Binghamton, which only replaced red and green lenses, Syracuse has replaced all the lenses, including those on the Art Deco side signal pictured at right.

March in Syracuse is often a cold time, and 2004 was no exception. The weather is a marked contrast to the previous set of pictures, taken on 1 June 2002.