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True colors (up to a point) …

This view is looking east on Spencer Street. Turn left, and you’ll end up at Carousel Center.
At left, the control box has received another coat of green paint. Top, another view of the yellow pole and green signal.

Spencer and Solar streets

Not far from Carousel Center in northern Syracuse is this somewhat overlooked industrial section of the city. Up to the 1980s, the area had rail tracks, which have since been removed. Now, further changes are slated because of Carousel Center’s plans to expand its operation. A lagoon has been created just west of Solar Street, and—of course—more buildings are planned.

What makes this signal installation somewhat unusual is that the suspension poles are more or less in their original coat of yellow paint. It is almost like a piece of history. The control box, pictured in the photo above left, is original equipment; it too was yellow, but has received coats of green paint and the exterior is breaking. The signal is a Crouse-Hinds unit that was manufactured after 1967, and probably was made in the late 1970s. All photos taken 31 March 2003.

UPDATE (1 OCTOBER 2004): This signal is no more. RIP. However, new signals are on their way. This page was updated 3 November 2004, with the new template.