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1973: The defined look

Grant Boulevard at LeMoyne Avenue

Around 1973, Syracuse performed a global replacement on many of its signals. This marked the first real time that the city started using tubular masts. Like Rochester, street lights were mounted on the masts; however, the street light fixtures are cobra-style instead of the bracket style used in the Flower City. It also extensively used 12-inch, green-colored Crouse-Hinds signals.

Among the streets that received these signals were North/South Geddes Street, James Street, West Genesee Street and Burnet Avenue. Some signals have been altered over the years, while others—such as this unit located near P & C Stadium—have not changed at all. In the photo at top, the view is looking west toward the stadium. At right, a detailed look of the newer-style Crouse-Hinds control box. All photos taken 21 April 2003.

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