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Life and death of a piebald signal

Two views of the signal installation facing southbound McKinley Avenue motorists on 24 December 2002.

McKinley Avenue at Monroe Street

This street was relatively quiet until about 1960, when work started on the NYS Route 26 Bridge. Around the time the bridge opened in 1964, this intersection was one of two that received signals mounted on stainless-steel trusses. At the time, the signal configuration was of the Crouse-Hinds “breadloaf” signals that had 12" red lenses, and 8" yellow and green lenses. The signals had yellow casings, with black doors and visors. In 1983, the intersection was altered, and new all-yellow signals (which included doghouse-style protected-left signals) were installed. In late 2001, the signal pictured on the right had been damaged, and was rebuilt, using pieces of yellow- and green-colored signals, making it a “piebald” signal. The Main Street bridge, visible here, was finished in late 2001, replacing the original 1960 span.

The details …

The views front (above) and back (at right).

Pedestrian signals

For a while, these pedestrian signals were not operating, perhaps due to the bad financial condition of the village. They are operating again, as of 24 December. Most of the signals are of the “breadloaf” style, and date from (probably) 1961. All photos taken 24 December 2002.

Pedestrians crossing to the United Methodist Church are greeted by this signal.

Updates: May 2004

New visors

Folks, Endicott has been financially strapped for years. It still is. Rather fortunately, the village managed to give this piebald signal new visors in mid-May 2004. All the new visors are yellow; note the full visors for the left-turn signal portion of this doghouse! Photo taken on a nice 17 May 2004 (save for the pollen!)

2 July 2004

The signal is no more!

On this hot Friday, the signal was clearly missing. Furthermore, the doghouse signal on the left has the left arrow portion taped up.

This would be an eventful day, because the Webjefe ended up purchasing a Hyundai Elantra GT that day in Schenectady, NY!!

27 August 2004

Above, the signal has been repaired, and it has a steel pole to protect it against oncoming traffic. At left, a TCT 8-inch pedestrian signal; at right, the newly-installed breadpan signal. The signal head probably dates from about 1961 to 1966 or so.

Some changes indeed!!!