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Downtown Little Falls, on the Fourth of July, 2002.

Welcome to Central New York Signals!

This is the second Web site spun off from the Western New York Signals site. This region is the home of Traffic Control Technologies, in the Syracuse area, a company that was part of Crouse-Hinds. Both companies have cast a long shadow on the American and Canadian motoring experience.

This site updated 1-4 October 2004.


Old dogs DO learn new tricks!

Bedford Falls revisited!

Two-tone signals and stainless steel.

A surprise awaits you!

Interesting finds!

A well-maintained pagoda here.

Americana awaits you.

A blinker atop a tunnel.

A two-tone Art Deco beauty awaits you!

A city in its own right.

The center of Central New York is a signal manufacturer.

Art Deco at its best.

Backplates—just like in California!

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