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In the yard

On Christmas Eve 2002, this temporary signal sits in the yard of the Endicott Power & Light Company. This mobile signal features an old-style Crouse-Hinds control box and a pole-mounted signal that has a Massachusetts color scheme: Yellow casings and visors, and black doors.

Distinction in the Southern Tier

This village, the home of Endicott Johnson and birthplace of IBM, has its share of distinction. It had its share of green-colored Art Deco signals installed in the 1930s through 1950s. In the 196os, though, things changed. Around 1961, the village installed Crouse-Hinds “breadloaf”-style signals mounted on stainless-steel trusses that would become a trademark. The signal heads themselves also changed; no longer would they be green, but they had yellow casings with black doors and visors. As time wore on, the signals gradually changed. First, the shape of the signal head would change, around 1966. Then, the paint scheme would evolve to where all-yellow signals were used. Today, the village has a most interesting collection of signals, in spite of its hard times. Also unique is that the village’s municipal power company (part of Endicott does not have New York State Electric & Gas) administers the municipality’s signals.