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More pagoda-style 4-way signals

Double the pleasure on Leroy Street

At St. John Avenue
East of Beethoven Street, this old signal shares a timer with the modern 4-way signal situated at the intersection with Chestnut Street, one block away to the west. This signal appears to be a General Electric unit; it had an auxiliary light on the bottom at one time, because one of the streets is one-way; facing motorists had left and right green arrows as a result.

At Beethoven Street
This signal, manufactured by Crouse Hinds 50-60 years ago, has remained intact since it was first installed. Homes here were mostly built around 1900 or so; two blocks or so to the west, the homes are substantially newer, having been constructed in the 1940s through to 1960. View is looking to the west; photo taken 31 March 2002.

Take me out to the ballgame …

Henry and Fayette street,
NYSEG Stadium

This signal unit, which stands by the stadium, is suspended by an original old pole (where the control box is located) and from a 1960s-vintage pole, located on the same corner as the main office of the U.S. Postal Service. I do not know who manufactured this unit; it looks like a Crouse-Hinds unit, but the details are definitely different. Incidentally, this signal is on a flashing cycle late at night, along with many other city lights.

RIP—7 April 2003

This signal is no more. It has been replaced by tubular masts. See the page “New kid on the block.”

This page updated 8 December 2004.