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A view of downtown Auburn on 8 June 2002 (above).

20 August 2002
The Central New York Signals Web site is officially launched.
23 November 2002
Finally added New Hartford pages.
30 November 2002
Updated Solvay pagoda page.
25 December 2002
Merry Christmas (Except if you observe on 7 January)!!! Added Vestal page!!
26 December 2002
Reworked “Piebald” page for Endicott, adding new photos.
31 December 2002
Joined Traffic Signal & Road Sign Ring.
1 January 2003
Added Cortland pages.
26 March 2003
Added photo to main Endicott page.
31 March 2003
A lot of new material today!!! Added “Pole mounted” and “Mixed company” pages to Syracuse pages; added Oswego section; and updated the “Pagoda’s Last Stand” page in the Solvay section.
1 April 2003
Added “True colors” page to Syracuse pages. This is no April Fool’s Day joke!
8 April 2003
Revamped Binghamton section, and added new pages.
1 May 2003
Added “James Street,” “Sixties swingers” and “1973” to Syracuse pages.
20 May 2004
Updated “Piebald” page in Endicott section.
26 August 2004
Added Mattydale page. Also updated two pages in Syracuse section.
1-4 October 2004
Installed new drop-down menu for Syracuse pages, and added two new pages (Park/Butternut, and the new Carousel Mall pages) in this section. Also added new URL icon to home pages, and to other pages, as am able.
8 December 2004
Reformatted the site with a new drop-down menu and new template.