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Pagoda’s last stand

Milton and Charles avenues
This vintage Crouse-Hinds 4-way pagoda signal probably served as a pedestrian signal further down Milton Avenue, when Allied Chemical was still active, in the mid-1980s. This signal replaced a bracketed Art Deco signal that once directed traffic. This signal will soon be replaced, since holes were dug for a new spanwire installation. Photo taken 1 June 2002.

An update
On the day before Thanksgiving 2002, the spanwire poles, the wires and control boxes for the signals have been installed here and at the next intersection. Evidently the new signals will be the same ole’ dark olive green so popular with New York State installations. Photo taken 27 November 2002.

AS OF 31 MARCH 2003: The new signals are up and running.

Page updated 31 March 2003.


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