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Atop a railroad tunnel

Two views of the signal: Looking west on East 2nd Street (top) and north on East Oneida Street (below).

East 2nd and East Oneida streets

This blinker is likely the sole surviving vintage signal in the City of Oswego. Twenty-five years ago, this city and Fulton had many vintage signals, but these have all but disappeared. One interesting aspect of this is that this might have been the only non-spanwire mounted signal. Now, most signals in this city are mounted on tubular masts, as are Fulton’s.

Another interesting aspect of this intersection: it sits right over an unusued railroad tunnel (below). Railroad operations existed in Oswego, and some of it was street running. This ended in 1976, though some of the specialized signals used on the city’s west side remained in use through the early 1980s.

All photos taken on a chilly 31 March 2003.

This railroad tunnel was in use until 1976, and was restored for pedestrian use in 2000.