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A most perfect four-way

School’s out on this lazy Fourth of July in 2002.

Sanger Avenue, at Oxford Road and Daly Place

This intersection, which is also located at a school, is vintage Americana. A classic fixed four-way Crouse-Hinds Art Deco signal monitors traffic, and has apparently been well maintained.

Note the “NO TURN ON RED” embossed street signs mounted directly above the signal; this is indeed an interesting touch, and an endearing one. Note also the vintage street sign at left; similar ones exist in Little Falls, using the same color scheme. They also existed in Saratoga Springs (black with yellow lettering) until around 1971 or 1972, though one remained standing around the site of the Convention Center until around 1983 or so.

Photos taken 4 July 2002.

Closeup view of a classic.


A school crossing yields an interesting find.