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The local pagoda

Looking north on LeMoyne Avenue at Boulevard Street. The road is also US Route 11; note the construction marker, which makes Route 11 a NEW YORK STATE ROUTE!! Photos taken 26 August 2004.

One well-maintained signal

Four-way pagoda signals were not terribly common in Onondaga County, even 40 years ago. Syracuse tended to use single-head signals in the 1920s and 1930s, and then used Art Deco, four-way bracketed signals.

But outside of the city, pagoda signals were used sometimes. They have mostly disappeared. One notable exception is this intersection in Mattydale. The signals appear to be early- to mid-1960s vintage, judging from the 12-inch red portion of the corner signals. At right, note the yellow control box that has been repainted dark green. Apparently, some of the original paint is showing.

The signals here are well mainted. While they do not have LEDs like Syracuse signals, the lenses look very new.