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Western New York SignalsThe original traffic site. This site covers signals from Waverly to Niagara Falls and Jamestown, and all places in between.
Capital-Adirondack Signals—This site is the successor to the Eastern New York pages that resided on Western New York Signals. The site opened on 8 July 2002.
Signalfan’s Homepage—This page is a major inspiration for the creation of the Western New York Signals Web site, and is a wonderful site in its own right. Home of the “Signalfan Club,” a Web forum that focuses on traffic signals.—Another Web site by “Signalfan.”
Steve’s Traffic Light Page—One of the Capital District pages that inspired me to start the Western New York Signals Web site.
Bortie’s Traffic Lights—The other Capital District site on traffic signals.
Mike’s Signal and Sign CollectionWeb site of a traffic aficiando from Michigan.
4way—A really great Web site on the old-style four-way signals that I am really fond of.
Dave’s Traffic Signal Page—Another signal fan from Michigan.

Light Rail

Rochester Rail Transit Committee—A rail transit advocacy group that seeks to bring light rail and commuter rail for Monroe County and beyond. Advocates reuse of the City Subway that operated from 1927 to 1956. Among the members: This Web site’s Webjefe.
Citizens Regional Transit Corporation—A Rail transit advocacy group that seeks expansion of Metro Rail service in Buffalo. Very nice site, and the Metro Rail is also a nice light rail system.


Forgotten New YorkThis site explores New York in a way that is truly fascinating—and it’s well researched. It definitely will discuss traffic signals and provides links to other worthwhile Web sites.
B-More GhostsBaltimore’s counterpart to Forgotten NY, it is a treasure trove of things that pertain to this great city. Take note of the signals here—parallels exists between this town and both Buffalo and Elmira!

My Web Sites

Eagle Point ImagesMy brother is a professional photographer; this is his site. If you need any photos for your group, check out this site!