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Interesting company!

North Washington and East/West Albany streets

Serving an intersection where the police station is located, these set of signals are interesting. As late as 1992, the spanwire installation was intact; since then, the green-colored Crouse-Hinds breadloaf signals replaced the signal in the center.

The other two signals (such as the one on the left) look as though they were manufactured by W.S. Darley, judging from the visor details; if so, these date from the 1930s.

The older signals are especially worth a look. They do not possess the stylized Art Deco look of the vintage Crouse-Hinds signals (go to the “Embossed Lenses” page). Instead, these signals possess a streamlined look appropriate to the 1930s. The signal casing is all in one piece.

Note from the Webjefe: I recall seeing pole-mounted signals similar to these on Route 9 and Warren Street in Brookline, Massachusetts in the 1980s and early 1990s.