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Where are you,
Jimmy Stewart?

Main at Union, looking south, on a VERY SNOWY 27 November 2002. Check out the vintage 1979 Plymouth Volare!
Main at Huntington. The blinker really works. We caught it when it was not on.
Main at Huntington, looking north.

Is it a ‘Wonderful Life?’

OK, this is a goofy page, but it was very snowy on this day before Thanksgiving 2002. This intersection, located south of the business district, contains much in the way of vintage traffic signals. One intersection contains full-cycle signals, the other a lone blinker. All signals are vintage Crouse-Hinds units that date from the 1940s. All photos taken on a snowy 27 November 2002.


A closeup view of the pagoda-style three-way Crouse-Hinds signal, suspended from a vintage control box. The signal was originally yellow, but has been repainted dark green.